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Why choose Sonio?

Increased Conversion and Compliance

SONIO specializes in boosting player conversion and compliance in the iGaming industry through their streamlined Identity Orchestration Platform (IOP).

Proven Track Record

SONIO's IOP delivers quick results, making it easy for operators to launch new brands and enhance conversion rates while meeting regulatory requirements.

One API to Integrate the World

SONIO's API simplifies data collection across markets, offering flexibility to switch data suppliers without backend changes. The IOP provides a unified solution for onboarding and KYC in various markets.

Simple Integration

Save your frontend and backend developers' time and effort up to 95% by using SONIO IOP. Our platform is so simple to integrate, it only takes 1 hour for your developers to set up.

What our platform can do
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Partner story

Simplifying Identity Verification for Tipico

'With SonioID, we have significantly simplified the ID verification process for our customers. At the same time, this is an important step in our efforts to continuously improve the user experience. We are always guided by the highest standards, and we are convinced of this at our partner SonioID.'

Joachim Baca, CEO of Tipico Group

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