Advanced Living Technologies was founded to provide the legal structure for R&D projects and is now exclusively used for further development and commercialization of our ID Management Software.

Our SONIO Platform is used as an IDaaS – Identity as a Service. It will capture an authentic identity which will permit each of your customers to be unique, thus preventing a duplicate account with another pseudo or identity.

This unique and seamless solution will eliminate time-consuming and heavy administration processes including removing the need for physical documents to be signed, stamped or approved by KYC in the back office. This leads to a flawless and frictionless experience of the customer.

Using a mobile app that includes the SONIO SDK to scan ID documents (e.g. passport). During scanning the SDK extracts the data including MRZ, QR codes, PDF417 codes, bar codes and facial image. It also can provide a document image.

The phone reads the ID document data including the picture from the chip. The data is digitally signed. The backend validates the certificates to ensure the data is genuine. This is applicable for NFC-enabled phones and biometric ID documents.

The app performs facial recognition to verify the owner of the ID document is performing the onboarding. This step only requires a phone with a selfie camera. The process also includes liveness detection which ensures the selfie captures a real person and not a photo or video held in front of the camers.


Our unique standard onboarding makes sure that customers do not need to provide their details again for other related products/services. They have a unique profile and a document vault that enables them to reuse verified documents and attributes without the need of repeating the process. Our blockchain based technology ensures the integrity of ID documents stored in the ID Wallet